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CELEBRATION! : “SALT REDUCTION DAY” on 17th Each Month Registered !

17th of each month has been registered as “SALT REDUCTION DAY.”

The Salt Reduction Committee of JSH has been long promoting the people's enlightenment for “salt reduction” and establishes “Hypertension Day” on 17th May, in carrying out publicly open lectures and so on to enlighten the people. Considering that the establishment of 17th each month as “Salt Reduction Day” leads to enlarge the activity in the wider field such as administration and food business world, we decided to apply for registration of the day.

We applied to Japan Anniversary Registration Association, and have had the approval from as many as 65 Scientific Societies, such as Japanese Association of Hypertension, Japanese Stroke Society, the Japanese Circulation Society, Japanese Society of Nephrology, Japan Medical Association, Japan Dietetic Association and so on. And it was finally notified on the 6th March.

This will be announced at the press seminar on 28th in April and the 6th Scientific Forum of Clinical Hypertension in Okayama on 13th to 14th in May.

We hope the establishment of ‘Salt Reduction Day’ will enhance all the people′s, not only hypertensives’, awareness of salt reduction and greatly help to extend the healthy life expectancy.

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