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APSHのTrefor Morgan先生よりAmerican Society of Hypertensionへの参加について周知依頼がございました。 
Subject; A Special Message from Suzanne Oparil, MD 
I would be pleased if you could forward this invitation tio attending the American Society of Hypertension meeting to your membership. 
Trefor Morgan 
Dear Professor Morgan -  
I am working with Torry Sansone, Executive Director of the American Society of Hypertension to help publicize the 2016 ASH Annual Meeting, and I have a special request for you, on behalf of Torry, and ASH. 
At this year's ASH Meeting (May 13-17 in New York), we will be highlighting the results of the recently-completed SPRINT TRIAL; as I'm sure you you know, the NIH-sponsored blood pressure trial that achieved extraordinary results in reducing the incidence of stroke, MI, and heart failure, by up to 30%.  
Attached please find a letter from Dr. Suzanne Oparil regarding the SPRINT TRIAL, and the potential importance of this Trial in treating hypertensive patients. I would think that many of your colleagues could benefit from attending ASH this year, even if they have never attended in the past. 
Professor Morgan, I am wondering if there is a way that you could forward Dr. Oparil's letter to your colleagues in the Asia-Pacific Society of Hypertension? (I have also attached it as a WORD document for you). I think it would be very valuable if your members could receive Dr. Oparil's invitation to ASH.  
Alternatively, do you have an on-line newsletter that we could run the letter in, if possible? Torry and I would greatly appreciate any assistance that you could offer in promoting this important ASH Meeting.  
Thanks very much. Could you please get back to me if either of the (above) options are possible? 
Best regards -  
Robert Noble  
American Society of Hypertension 
A Special Message from Suzanne Oparil, MD
Dear Colleague – 
As a past president of the American Society of Hypertension, I am writing today to give you and your fellow clinicians an exceptionally good reason to attend the ASH Annual Scientific Meeting – May 13-17, 2016 in New York City: at this year’s meeting, we will be highlighting the landmark SPRINT Trial--including featuring some new SPRINT data being released for the first time. 
I was a principal investigator of one of the five clinical networks involved in SPRINT, and I’m very excited to share the results of this study and its implications for patient care. Because the results have been so outstandingly positive with respect to preventing cardiovascular disease outcomes and death in the study population, healthcare providers need to know how to treat and manage blood pressure more effectively … and the ASH Annual Scientific Meeting provides the perfect hypertension learning experience. 
This year at ASH, SPRINT will be covered during both the Saturday, May 14 Hypertension Highlights session and the Sunday, May 15 Plenary Session. This will allow ample time for the trial design, methods, and results to be presented, as well as the opportunity to discuss the generalizability of SPRINT and exciting plans for important ongoing analyses. 
From the SPRINT Trial, to how to use diuretics alone and in combination, to utilizing mobile health technology in blood pressure control, the ASH Annual Meeting will provide attendees with both the latest evidence in clinical hypertension research and the tools and skills for point of care application. 
I would like to give you the opportunity both to hear from the experts, and to discuss with them, the implications of SPRINT – at our Annual Meeting in May. In fact I would say that if there ever was a BEST TIME to attend the ASH Annual Meeting – 2016 would be the year! 
Please click on the following links (below) for more information about the ASH Annual Scientific Meeting and Exposition – May 13-17, 2016 – in New York City. 
Suzanne Oparil, MD 
Click HERE to Sign up as an ATTENDEE for ASH 2016. 
Click HERE to learn more about the SPRINT STUDY and the results released so far.