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ISH Seoul2016 演題登録のお願いについて
ISH Seoul2016より以下のように演題登録のお願いのご連絡がございました。 
Greetings from Hypertension Seoul 2016. 
I appreciate your kind help in promoting Hypertension Seoul 2016. With your support our abstract submission status are shown as below. 
37 different countries and 129 abstracts are submitted. 
As deadline of abstract submission is approaching fast, we once again would like to ask you for kind cooperation on distributing our deadline of abstract submission through following ways. 
1. E-newsletter distribution 
Sending out our e-newsletter to the members of your society through e-mail in the time of January, or mid-February. [attachment 1] (click) 
2. Notice of abstract submission deadline 
Stating a sentence “Submit your abstract by February 29, 2016! And get a chance to receive 50% discount on your registration fee!” on your website in notice area. 
Please do not hesitate to contact me any further inquiries. I would like to express my deepest gratitude in advance for your kind support. 
All the best, 
Cheol-Ho Kim 
President and Chairman 
Organizing Committee of Hypertension Seoul 2016